Episode 183: The Real Chosen One

January 12, 2019

Will and Hawes manage to regroup this week.

  • The Star Wars Resistance mid season trailer.
  • Star Wars Resistance gets renewed for a second season!

Listener emails and voice messages are discussed.

  • King Tom tells us how he discovered the podcast.
  • Hawes is contacted by a character from a popular video game.
  • Jim calls in with a few topics.
  • Jake tells us his childhood thoughts about storm troopers.
  • Robbo writes in with a theory that shakes the very foundation of Star Wars!
  • Conner wonders what format Lucasfilm will favor in the future.
  • Jon writes in with Lego support.
  • Christopher has some solid episode IX predictions.
  • Josh aka Billy Bob tells about introducing his cousin to Star Wars.
  • Doug wonders if a certain popular character might make an appearance in Episode IX.
  • Evan writes in about how he discovered the podcast!

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