Episode 141: Like Jordan

March 24, 2018

Hawes and Will welcome Jeremy the Space Barbarian back to the show!

  • Rian Johnson has started work on his next Star Wars movie!
  • Rian Johnson says that the backlash won't effect the writing of his next movie.
  • Lord and Miller will be credited as executive producers on Solo.
  • EA is hiring for an "open world" Star Wars game.

Listener emails and voice messages are discussed.

  • Steve Adi calls in about King Tom's Obi Wan message from last week.
  • King Tom calls in about Tom Kane's performance as Yoda.
  • Christopher writes in about the portal in Rebels.
  • Matthew writes in about Mandalore.
  • Steven writes in about the next animated series.
  • Dylan writes in about Obi Wan.
  • William writes in about the "open world" Star Wars game.
  • Neal has some questions about the Haslab sail barge.
  • Kevin has some questions about the digital version of the Last Jedi and collecting.

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