Episode 132: Mon Calamari Tears in Heaven

January 13, 2018

Hawes and Will eat the podcast like groceries.

  • Will and Hawes' PUBG adventures.
  • The Star Wars Show returns with a "Secrets of The Last Jedi" episode.
  • John Williams is writing the theme for the upcoming Solo: A Star Wars Story
  • John Williams also wants to return for Episode IX.
  • Star Wars continues to struggle in China.

Listener emails and voice messages are discussed.

  • Conner wants to know how we felt about Luke's journey in The Last Jedi.
  • William is getting excited for Solo and wants to know how we think the story will play out.
  • King Tom calls in about the character's reverence for Darth Vader in The Last Jedi.
  • Brad wants to know if Snoke was truly a Sith.
  • Peter has an excellent suggestion for Star Wars casting.
  • Sor Bandeam gives a gut wrenching eulogy for a fallen hero.
  • Kelso the Horoo Hero gasps a lot at the theater.
  • Brad H. has some question about the "Prime Jedi."

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