Episdoe 139: Rusty

March 10, 2018

Hawes and Will return after a week off and Hawes is rusty.

  • Mark Hamill receives a star on the walk of fame.
  • John Fevreau is announced as the producer and writer for the upcoming live action series.
  • Will and Hawes discuss the end of Star Wars Rebels.
  • Apparently Hawes doesn't know what a prologue is.
  • What is in store for the next Star Wars animated series?

Listener emails and voice messages are discussed.

  • Fernando has an idea for a Seven Samurai inspired bounty hunter movie.
  • Mark writes in from Venice Beach and has some thoughts about ewoks.
  • Fraser writes in about the Star Wars Bounty Hunter game.
  • Josiah wonders when we'll get the full Solo trailer and ticket presales.
  • William wonders what time period the recently announced series will explore.
  • Jonathan speculates about Han's Imperial service.
  • Beth wants to know how we'd like Boba Fett to be portrayed if he appears in Solo.
  • King Tom wants to know what we're going to do while waiting for Episode IX.

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