Episode 97: Star Wars Celebration Orlando 2017 Recap Part 2

April 22, 2017

Before listening to this episode make sure to check out episode 53 of Rogue Won for part one of our Star Wars Celebration Orlando 2017 recap!


This week Hawes and Will are joined by Johnny Grasso and Jessie McGarity to continue their recap of this years Star Wars Celebration.


  • The Making Star Wars party, the night Hawes was most nervous about, turns out to be the highlight of the whole trip!

  • The poem were released, how does Johnny feel about it?

  • Saturday of Celebration. Sal and his wonderful family get much deserved recongnition during the Rebel panel. Hawes, Johnny and Jessie spend the day wandering the show floor and Hawes blows cash on Star Wars stuff.

  • The crew gets together to hang out again Saturday night and Aaron Boyd blows Hawes away with his arsenal of impressions.

  • Hawes, Jessie, Calvin, Stephanie and Johnny have a run in with a malfunctioning parking meter.

  • Sunday of Celebration. Hawes and Jessie say good bye to all of their new friends, and Hawes starts suffering from post Celebration blues.


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