Episode 85: Let Her Cry

January 21, 2017

Steve Cobra joins Hawes this week to help usher in a new era for Blue Harvest. As of this episode Blue Harvest is now a part of the Making Star Wars podcast network! Because of this Hawes is almost too excited to contain himself.

-Steve and Hawes break the ice by discussing a couple of their "guilty pleasure" albums.

-Hawes questions Steve about his feelings about Rogue Won now that the movie has been out for a month.

-More information about the dark saber that has appeared in Clone Wars and Rebels has been released and it's right up Hawe's alley!

-Some of the Star Wars games released by Fantasy Flight over the last couple of years are discussed. X-wing, the Star Wars card game, Star Wars Destiny, and Star Wars Rebellion.

The listener emails and voice messages section of the show leads to pure pandemonium.

-Favorite and least favorite item that has used the Star Wars license.

-What does the future fight between Obi Wan and Darth Maul in Rebels mean for the character of Obi Wan as he was portrayed in A New Hope

-The actor who portrayed Red Leader in A New Hope died from eating a fish pie?

-Did the Ghost survive the battle of Scarif? A recent episode of the Star Wars show sheds some new light on that.

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