Episode 103: Hey Richard, This is Your Dad

June 10, 2017

Hawes and Will return!

  • E3 is this weekend! What is in store for Star Wars fans from the EA Play event on June 10th?
  • Is the upcoming Amy Henning Star Wars game open world?
  • What one game would Hawes and Will like to see announced this year?


Listener email and voice messages are discussed.

  • Richie from Boston has some ideas about Rey's origin.
  • Andy wants to know what figured we would like to see from the Last Jedi.
  • Brad has some ideas about potential future Star Wars directors
  • DeMarcus speculates about upcoming Star Wars figure releases.
  • Neal has questions about the "care takers' of Acht-To.
  • Tomas wants to know what our "celebration foods" are.
  • Sors calls in, and he's as salty as ever.
  • King Tom wonders what was the biggest day in Star Wars history.
  • Peter ponders the Star Wars information explosion.
  • Evan writes in to discuss potential ties between The Last Jedi and the Han Solo movie.


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