Episode 135: Jason Ward Mayor of Swamp City

February 3, 2018

Will and Hawes are joined by Jason Ward this week!

  • EA releases their first sales figures for Battlefront 2 and they are lower than originally projected.
  • The fall out from loot boxes continues.
  • A new progression system and the return of loot boxes are scheduled for Battlefront 2.
  • Repsawn Entertainment's Star Wars game has a general release window.
  • The trailer for Solo is coming very, very soon!
  • Bracing ourselves for the Solo backlash.

Listener emails are read and discussed.

  • Steve Adi needs the Solo trailer now!
  • King Tom compares Yoda's reaction to Luke in the original trilogy to Yoda's reaction to Rey in The Last Jedi.
  • Emily wants to know what our dream Star Wars book would be.

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