Episode 92: Nintendo Words

March 11, 2017

Hawes and Will are back this week to discuss "Nintendo words" and everthing Star Wars.

  • Michael K. Williams has been confirmed for the Han Solo movie.
  • No Star Wars Celebration in 2018.
  • What was the fall out from the shoot out at the Burger King corral?

Listener emails and voice messages are discussed.

  • Vader Nick wants to know what we'd like to see in the next Star Wars animated series.
  • Neal has a question about the end of Episode 3 and why Qui Gon never appears as a force ghost.
  • Richie from Boston wants to know what piece of Star Wars music effects us the most.
  • James wants to know what we want from Episode 8 and how much we might learn about Snoke.
  • Eric Strothers writes in with a harrowing fast food tale of his own!
  • The jedi master with the best shaped head in the galaxy calls in to set a certain jedi padawan straight.
  • Kit Fisto calls in and gets gross, real gross.

Finally, the Last Jedi footage that was shown at the Disney shareholders meeting is discussed. If you are sensitive to spoilers then listen up for the spoiler warning toward the end of the show.


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