Episode 119: Lolly Bag

October 7, 2017

This week Hawes and Will kick each other right in the lolly bag.

  • The Last Jedi poster on Sunday and trailer on Monday?
  • What does Will want to see in the upcoming trailer?
  • New Thrawn book and new black series figures announced at New York Comic Con.
  • Hawes' initial thoughts on the Battlefront 2 beta.

Listener emails and voice messages are read and discussed.

  • Neal writes in with some important information about Vardos.
  • Richie wants to know why the vintage Star Wars figures are so appealing.
  • DeMarcus has a question about Broba Fett.
  • Jonathan wants to know what droid from Star Wars we'd have our conscious transferred into.
  • King Tom has a question about Kylo's helmet.

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