Episode 111: Smell-O-Vision

August 5, 2017

Hawes and Will thought this podcast smelled bad on the outside.

  • Episode IX has a new writer.
  • A new VR experience called Star Wars: Secrets of the Empire has been announced.
  • How immersive will Secrets of the Empire be? Hawes has an idea for how they can take it a step further.

Listener emails and voice messages are discussed.

  • Brad H writes in about a certain person who caused a bit of an uproar over the weekend
  • Chris writes in about the Chose One and the future of the spin off movie soundtracks.
  • Brad speculates about Leia's exit from the saga.
  • Richie from Boston has some thoughts about lightsabers.
  • Sors Bandea has found Mr. Cuddles!
  • Robert has a cooking question for Will.
  • Neal provides some extra information about Secrets of the Empire.
  • KyloReb writes in about the upcoming book Legends of Luke Skywalker.

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