Episode 109: Hawes Defends His Honor

July 22, 2017

Will makes a shocking accusation against Hawes this week!

  • Star Wars Galaxy's Edge is announced to be opening in 2019.
  • A Star Wars themed resort is coming to Orlando.
  • Radio Flyer is producing a land speeder that kids can drive.
  • An official synopsis for The Last Jedi has been released.
  • Kylo's Tie Silencer revealed by Starwars.com
  • Porgs confirmed.

Listener emails and voicemails are read and discussed.

  • Chris writes in with some thoughts about Anakin in the prequels and the Clone Wars.
  • Gentleman John asks a question that sends the podcast off the rails.
  • Richie from Boston has some thoughts about the behind the scenes reel for The Last Jedi,
  • Chris wants to know if we prefer the EU version of Mandalorians or the canon version.
  • King Tom has a question about Yoda's reaction to order 66.
  • Sors Bandeam returns!
  • Ollie has a question about our craziest The Last Jedi theories.
  • Thomas wants to know if Snoke was in the behind the scenes reel.


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