Episode 101: A Tale of Two Sors

May 20, 2017

Hawes and Will finally have some Star Wars news to discuss this week!

  • Spreadgate continues?
  • Netflix announces series based on The Dark Crystal and The Witcher.
  • A promotional leaflet for the Last Jedi was released in Japan. What does it mean?
  • Han Solo set pictures are leaked!

Listener emails and voice messages are discussed.

  • JD Fett goes on the hunt.
  • David wants to know Will and Hawes' thoughts on Rian Johnson directing a Star Wars movie after Episode 8.
  • Ollie has a question about Mustafar.
  • Carl writes in about the 8-bit trailer for The Last Jedi.
  • Chris has a theory about Rey's parentage.
  • Two different Sors Bandeams leave voice messages. What is going on?!
  • King Tom writes in about unused character and planet names from the early drafts of Star Wars.

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